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The Rules listed below were created to ensure the safety of all patrons.  All customers must consent to all rules and procedures. Pull Up Mobile Entertainment assumes no liabilty due to rules and procedures not being followed.  

Game Trailer Rules 
1.  Only ages 8 and up for safety reasons
2.  NO Eating or Drinking 
3.  NO Smoking, Drugs, or Alcohol  
4.  NO Roughhousing / Horseplay
5.  NO misusing of gaming equipment
6.  NO changing of game settings
7.  Follow all instructions by Event Leader
8.  Must sanitize hands upon entry to trailer

Inflatbles Rules:
1.  No shoes/Belts/Jewelry/or Sharp Objects
2. No Food or Drinks
3. No smoking, fire pits, BBQ grills around inflatbles
4. No water should be used on inflatables 
5. No flips or roughhousing 
6. Obey capacity limits 
7. No pets or animals of any kind
8. No silly string
9. Do not fasten or tape anything to inflatables
10. Adult Supervison at all times.  

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